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Got featured on my friend’s blog. 🙂 Read why 🙂

Daydreams of a Wanderer


That’s my first impression, as I welcome myself here on the exciting world of blogging. I have been reading some interesting blogs for weeks now, and it actually inspired me to make one for myself too. But, it was never easy..never!!

The story is, I have this friend Jewel Anne Delgado, from my elementary school days and she is a blogger. I have seen her beautiful blogs from there and everywhere, and I was like, “Shocks! Her pages rock!” I adore her for having such a great freedom to express her thoughts and everything her mind has. And since I am an aspiring writer, I realized why would I let myself be left-out with this kind of trend?

Making a blog for me is not a piece of cake. I may have tons of ideas in mind but unfortunately, I don’t know what to pick for my first blog…

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