Outdated Update



We are on the last days of year 2014 and still there are so many challenges we are facing. I have an issue with my career, like how it goes and what are the future store for me and issue in what’s happening such as the upcoming typhoon Ruby in our country. Not funny, I don’t watch tv every night, but I do browse websites for news update and it is very heartbreaking to see sad news just like what happened in typhoon Yolanda last year.

For the latest update, I decided to try a new path of my career and gave myself a deadline before our Christmas break. I seriously want to have peace of mind while on my break and vacation.

Until next update. xx


Hello This is a Test


I know, I know. I’m here again. So what? I have to check out the new dashboard here in wp. I can’t deal with my old posts here. HAHAHAHA! Will definitely clean this page up and re-brand, re-design, and etc. 😀 




Got featured on my friend’s blog. 🙂 Read why 🙂

Daydreams of a Wanderer


That’s my first impression, as I welcome myself here on the exciting world of blogging. I have been reading some interesting blogs for weeks now, and it actually inspired me to make one for myself too. But, it was never easy..never!!

The story is, I have this friend Jewel Anne Delgado, from my elementary school days and she is a blogger. I have seen her beautiful blogs from there and everywhere, and I was like, “Shocks! Her pages rock!” I adore her for having such a great freedom to express her thoughts and everything her mind has. And since I am an aspiring writer, I realized why would I let myself be left-out with this kind of trend?

Making a blog for me is not a piece of cake. I may have tons of ideas in mind but unfortunately, I don’t know what to pick for my first blog…

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