Career: Closing Down the Operation

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Jewel Clicks - Start Up Business Closing

How would you feel if you heard this line “There’s no other way to say this, but we are closing the operation here.”

Late last year, I already had a feeling that this will come to an end. I heard the line of “you are not the priority as of the moment” I understand that.

Putting up a startup business is never an easy-peasy as how ideas pop out in our minds. We all know that we have to be very detailed when it comes to planning, development and implementing it.

On the other side, it is always challenging to work to a startup company, you know “fresh ideas, creativity” of young minds collide and I really find it interesting to join and to work with the team.

Like an intimate relationship, businesses also have the chance to end. “Business is business” as what we have heard. This reminds me of “forever” doesn’t exist. WTH.

They said, when things come to an end, there are always a new beginning and that is where to be found? Of course, we have to look for it. Just like after the break up with your relationship, you will need space to think, to plan, to just rest before going back on full blast and hungry to work.

This unfortunate event happened ruined the plans I have for the next month, I am still trying to figure it out how to do things on my own. Also, just like other relationship break up, I am on the stage of “me time” though I am now searching for some opportunities out there. There are a lot of them, only for me to choose, which is which. It’s either I will choose a new one in the market or the old ones.

Plot twist. I know.