Career: Closing Down the Operation

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Jewel Clicks - Start Up Business Closing

How would you feel if you heard this line “There’s no other way to say this, but we are closing the operation here.”

Late last year, I already had a feeling that this will come to an end. I heard the line of “you are not the priority as of the moment” I understand that.

Putting up a startup business is never an easy-peasy as how ideas pop out in our minds. We all know that we have to be very detailed when it comes to planning, development and implementing it.

On the other side, it is always challenging to work to a startup company, you know “fresh ideas, creativity” of young minds collide and I really find it interesting to join and to work with the team.

Like an intimate relationship, businesses also have the chance to end. “Business is business” as what we have heard. This reminds me of “forever” doesn’t exist. WTH.

They said, when things come to an end, there are always a new beginning and that is where to be found? Of course, we have to look for it. Just like after the break up with your relationship, you will need space to think, to plan, to just rest before going back on full blast and hungry to work.

This unfortunate event happened ruined the plans I have for the next month, I am still trying to figure it out how to do things on my own. Also, just like other relationship break up, I am on the stage of “me time” though I am now searching for some opportunities out there. There are a lot of them, only for me to choose, which is which. It’s either I will choose a new one in the market or the old ones.

Plot twist. I know.


Project: Recruiting New Skills

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“How to build a new team?” question I asked to myself. I was surprised when my client told me that I will be creating my own team. I was like “okay, sure.” I was so calm replying to his email.

I was expecting to get the complete information I need to know this month. Unfortunately, he was so busy to update me and I was so clueless knowing that I can’t create or recruit people that “easy”.

Although I found potential members to complete the team, still I need clear information regarding this. Hmm… can’t wait to start this thing.

Outdated Update



We are on the last days of year 2014 and still there are so many challenges we are facing. I have an issue with my career, like how it goes and what are the future store for me and issue in what’s happening such as the upcoming typhoon Ruby in our country. Not funny, I don’t watch tv every night, but I do browse websites for news update and it is very heartbreaking to see sad news just like what happened in typhoon Yolanda last year.

For the latest update, I decided to try a new path of my career and gave myself a deadline before our Christmas break. I seriously want to have peace of mind while on my break and vacation.

Until next update. xx

Project: Web Development – Week What?

Website Development

Going Loco

I am on my “insert number here” week of my Web development. Although it is just a simple website, I want to give this a shot and create a trendy layout landing page. I think as a user, it is important to have a great landing page. Inner pages can be simple, but the home page should be cool.

Wish me luck. As I will go out later tonight, to distress and chill. I had a long week. I am caught up in between decision making of my career. Not related? Yes, I know. I should stop typing now. Bye.


Project: Web Development

Website Development

I accepted a project creating a new website. I was always involved in the process of developing a website and includes a lot of processes (will blog about that later). Creating a website is not just “creating a website” you have to go through a lot of process that includes “why, what, how” questions. I am on my second week stage of creating it. I have a mock-up layout for this and need to present it to the client.

Client wants to have a simple layout and I am on it. Will talk about this soon. This is so much exciting. 🙂

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